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  • Peter Malina

    Peter Malina

    I like lasagnas

  • Nader Dabit

    Nader Dabit

    Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node working with The Graph Protocol

  • Samuel Santos

    Samuel Santos

    A fan of technology, challenges and open to learning and reinventing himself as often as necessary. Software Engineer at @CompassoUol.

  • Yasunori Tanaka

    Yasunori Tanaka

    I’m Yasunori Tanaka (田中 穏識). I’m a software engineer in Tokyo. I have recently been learning Machine Learning. I obtained a master’s degree in computer science.

  • Christophe Bougère

    Christophe Bougère

    Serverless and JavaScript enthusiast

  • Pedro Freitas

    Pedro Freitas

    Full-time DevOps Engineer | CKA | CKAD — Helping organizations to grow a DevOps culture.

  • Pedro Pinho

    Pedro Pinho

  • Márcio Azevedo

    Márcio Azevedo

    Curious about many subjects. You can find me also at https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcioazevedo/.

  • Matthew Bajorek

    Matthew Bajorek


  • Manuel Silva

    Manuel Silva

    Android Developer @SwordHealth

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