After many happy customers in production 😎, a lot of them in the US health sector where infrastructure is frequently reviewed against security & compliance standards like HIPAA/HITRUST, I just end up with an AWS CDK App Template that you now can also reuse to provision AWS resources based on AWS best practices for high availability and security in a safe and repeatable manner by relying on Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) through AWS CDK.

Integration tests are valuable, they are different than unit tests and much more difficult to get to approach the ideal state especially if you are using a real database (and not an InMemory one).

Well, at least they were until you read this 😎 We’ll:

  1. get an example integration test from Microsoft eShopOnWeb ASP.NET Core Reference Application running in a repeatable and isolated way in a docker image with a real database;
  2. set up an example Continous Integration (CI) pipeline in AWS CodeBuild to pull a standard/public docker image and run the tests every time I push code to GitHub…

Assim que eu ouvi falar de ETFs como estratégia de investimento passiva / complemento de reforma, questionei-me ao ponto de eu me sentir confortável em dar a minha primeira ordem de compra. São essas perguntas e respostas que agora partilho com a esperança de ajudar outros investidores portugueses.

Se ainda não sabes o que é um ETF ou porque este é um excelente instrumento de investimento passivo / complemento de reforma, eu recomendo começar pelo vídeo do Franklin aka Edge Over HedgeETFs | O MELHOR Investimento que TU Podes Fazer” e/ou curso gratuito por email do Mário aka “Index…

In the last 2 years only, I successfully own/lead 4+ software product deliveries, mostly for the US health sector running in AWS. I also help to compile security & compliance reports. Software products in the US health sector, especially when Protected Health Information (PHI) is present, is frequently reviewed against security & compliance standards like HIPAA/HITRUST, but, practically speaking, I find it hard to have all developers be fully aware of 100+ pdf documents and other security & compliance best practices so I decided to create a simple “Security & Compliance checklist” that prove to be more effective.

Security and compliance

Security & Compliance checklist — AWS


One of my clients whose application runs on AWS had no Continuous Integration (CI). When we decide to use Continous Delivery (CD) for a new NET Core 3.x Web API, it was important that we do it using AWS tools/services as much as possible as this will make their life easier: no new accounts like Azure DevOps need to be managed, they can control access in a single place (AWS IAM), and so on.

Looking at AWS offering, we opted for:

In case you’re using the AWS Amplify framework, you may want to proactively monitor your app especially if you’re doing something for being used by others. By proactively monitor, I mean:

Intro — Data lake in AWS is more than just dumping data into S3

At some point in time, you might want to create a data lake and, like me, you might want/need to use AWS. As you may know, a data lake:

  1. facilitate data exploitation;
  2. open new business opportunities by easily provide business insights (using analytical and/or visualization tools for example);
  3. avoid hit the live DB and affect your customers meanwhile we do it;
  4. increase your product usage by exposing analytics services to applications (API’s);
  5. avoid data duplication costs especially in a microservice strategy;
  6. provide a simpler, safer, coherent and transparent way for you to access data by storing in a centralized place…

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